Societá Cooperativa Agricola Limone Interdonato Messina Jonica

The Interdonato lemon is an extraordinary Sicilian lemon, recognized as a Slow Food Presidium. Its story begins when Garibaldi's colonel Giovanni Interdonato retired to private life, in his villa in Fiumedinisi, devoting his passion to agrumiculture. He could not have imagined, Interdonato, that his memory would be handed down by a lemon, the fruit of the cross between a cedar tree and the so-called "ariddaru", a local lemon. After selecting a bud for each of the two citrus fruits, he joined them longitudinally and grafted them onto bitter orange rootstocks. This was born a lemon of medium-large size, very similar to the cedar, with a delicate and not very acidulous taste. It has a very fine grain skin, an unusual characteristic for Sicilian lemons. Some, precisely for this reason, call it "fine fruit". The rind is sweet and not bitter. Quickly the Ionian coast of Messina has seen many lemon groves, particularly in the calli of the Nisi river. Lemons are grown on dry stone terraces, which can be seen when you walk along the coastal road from Messina to Catania. The Interdonato lemon is an early variety and is ready at the end of September. Lemon is rich in vitamin C, vitamin B, phosphorus and flavonoids, i.e. antioxidant substances. It is good for throat infections, poor digestion, constipation, tooth problems, fever, rheumatism and hypertension. It can also be used for hair care. It helps to strengthen the immune system, purifies the digestive system and is useful for heart health care.

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