A small tree with thin branches that spread like roots upside down and come out of the lava rocks, black and porous. But long-lived and resistant, able to grow clinging to stony and steep soils. The pistachio is today the symbol of the city of Bronte and its territory, the slopes of Etna, a habitat of excellence of which it represents the greatest source of wealth. But the pistachio in Sicily has arrived from a long journey. The "frastuca", in Sicilian dialect, was brought by the Arabs who started its cultivation. It is still called "green gold" today, in addition to its emerald color, for its organoleptic characteristics, derived from a unique microclimate, which make it a fruit of high quality, excellent in its shape and flavor in comparison to pistachios from other countries. On Etna the harvest takes place in September and is strictly handmade. To take the pistachios you have to climb along mule tracks, on the black vulcanic soil, between 400 and 1000 meters high: no mechanical equipment can reach the sciara, the cooled volcanic lava flow, which is a very hard soil and that only the pistachio roots can penetrate. It collects every two years. To allow the plant to absorb from the lava soil the nutritional substances that release the fruit then its unmistakable aroma and scent. Bronte represents the largest production area of pistachios in Europe. The name Pistachio di Bronte PDO was established on June 9, 2006 and is still the only one present in Europe and covers 1% of world production, where Iran, California and Turkey are the main exporters. Our product is a product niche of excellence. Pistachio, today, is one of the best expression of the typical Sicilian gastronomy, characterized by the harmony between flavor and sweetness that often coexist in the same dish in perfect balance. In the past there was the false myth that the pistachio should be consumed in very small quantities because it was believed to fatten and increase cholesterol. In reality, the fats contained in it are of the "saturated" type so they favor the sense of satiety and the presence in the blood of the so-called "good" cholesterol.



There are eight Sicilian products to which the eight online talks with industry experts, producers and gelato makers are dedicated: Modica Chocolate IGP, Almond, Pistachio, Hazelnut, Lemon, Late Mandarin of Ciaculli, Honey and Pomegranate.