Nettare di Sicilia

The company "Nettare di Sicilia S.a.s.", is located in Caltavuturo, in the Cammarella district, strongly desired and founded in 1995 by the brothers Mario, Gianni and Nicolò Cirrito. Since then, the Cirrito brothers have dedicated themselves with passion and determination to the reintroduction and conservation of the subspecies of bees at danger of extinction "Apis mellifera siciliana", revalued by the University of Palermo, thanks to the studies and research of a Sicilian entomologist, Prof. Pietro Genduso, assisted by the beekeeper Carlo Amodeo. The derelict bee strains recovered mainly in western Sicily, have been placed in isolation on almost all the smaller islands, Ustica, Vulcano, Filicudi, Lampedusa, Linosa etc., without bees of different breeds, where five breeders (already registered or in the process of registration at the National Institute CREA , Council for Research in Agriculture and Analysis of Agricultural Economics) have undertaken to be guardians on the islands of the Apis Mellifera Siciliana ecotype. The Nettare di Sicilia breeds pure derelict strains (subjected to genetic testing) of "Apis Mellifera Siciliana" on the island of Ustica with considerable economic and human resources for the difficulties related to the small size of the island as well as the precarious connections with Sicily. This commitment has allowed the registration in the national register of breeders bee queens, in the section "apis mellifera siciliana", at the National Institute CREA, Council for Research in Agriculture and Analysis of Agricultural Economics. Nettare di Sicilia is part of the Slow Food Sicilian Black Bee Presidium. The precious black bee honey contains up to ten times more antioxidants than normal, but also 13 antibacterial substances and four antifungals. A true natural regenerator and restorative with healing and therapeutic properties. The company Nettare di Sicilia is mainly dedicated to the production and sale of swarms used for pollination and swarms for the reproduction of pure Sicilian apis mellifera; honey and all its derivatives: royal jelly, pollen, propolis.

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There are eight Sicilian products to which the eight online talks with industry experts, producers and gelato makers are dedicated: Modica Chocolate IGP, Almond, Pistachio, Hazelnut, Lemon, Late Mandarin of Ciaculli, Honey and Pomegranate.