The yellow shining fruit, the intense scent, which narrates of sunny southern lands, unmistakable as the taste, sour and fresh. We are talking about the lemon, a much used and loved citrus fruit that should never be missing in our homes. Although its origins are not definite, it seems that the lemon tree (Citrus limon) comes from China and the East, and was later spread thanks to the Romans. In Europe the first cultivation was started in Sicily thanks to the Jesuit Fathers and Genoa, from which Christopher Columbus brought the seeds to the Azores. Today the lemon is cultivated in the hot and humid areas of the planet and in Italy, among the southern regions, Sicily holds the record, with 90% of national production. The lemon is a perfect ally for our health: vitamin C, contained in its juice, has an important antioxidant action, thanks to the presence of flavonoids that fight free radicals, slowing down cellular aging, strengthen the immune system and protect against neurodegenerative diseases In addition to its benefits, the lemon is the absolute star of the Sicilian table: it brings flavor and freshness to dishes, lending itself to many recipes. The juice, on the other hand, can be used as a condiment for fruit or vegetable salads. Lemon is an essential ingredient inside a ice-cream shop, because it represents one of the basic and most popular flavours for artisan ice-cream consumers. Therefore, it is very important to evaluate the characteristics of the fruit and choose the best lemons to get a good result of the ice cream: the skin must be shiny, the fruit must be firm and when the lemon is squeezed you have to take care that the white part, contained inside the skin, does not affect the juice. If you love candied fruit, the lemon adapts very well to their homemade realization, using the peels. As an ingredient we can use it, for example, to prepare creams, cakes and jams Finally, but at the end of a hearty banquet, you can never miss the lemon sorbet, fresh light and fragrant, it will help digestion especially if it is a fish menu.


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