Il Consorzio Kore

Kore is a consortium of pomegranate producers born in 2013 with the aim of collecting and enhancing the experiences, gained since 2008, of some Sicilian pomegranate producers. With daily and constant commitment Kore aims to achieve its objectives: to enhance and protect the agricultural production of its members; to collect, process and market pomegranate and its products and derivatives; to promote environmentally friendly production techniques and the improvement of the quality of products offered on the market. KORE transfers to its members, in constant growth, the know-how on appropriate planting and production techniques according to modern principles of eco-sustainability. The pomegranate variety used by the Kore consortium is Wonderflul. It is characterized, compared to other pomegranate varieties, by the coloring that, both externally and internally, is an intense red color. The arils (the grains) contained inside have a sweet and sour taste, pleasant to taste and the seeds are not excessively lignified so, in addition to fresh consumption as they are, the fruit is also suitable for the preparation of juices and other derived products. A characterizing element of the variety is the peel that, due to its important thickness, allows a greater and easier preservation and storage of the fruit, not only increasing its shelf life but also allowing a more constant and flexible exit on the market. Moreover, this thickness increases both the resistance to shocks and to pathogen attacks. The Wonderful pomegranate is a fruit that has a good market both for home consumption and for industrial processing use. The ripening takes place around the first ten days of October and, like all pomegranates, the Wonderful variety also gives the best yield in the Mediterranean belt, in full sun and deep, loose soil. The activity of the Kore consortium shows that it is also adaptable to many types of soil, even the poor and heavy ones.

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There are eight Sicilian products to which the eight online talks with industry experts, producers and gelato makers are dedicated: Modica Chocolate IGP, Almond, Pistachio, Hazelnut, Lemon, Late Mandarin of Ciaculli, Honey and Pomegranate.