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Let's start from a rightful consideration: Sicily is a very rich land, where fascinating cities, unique archaeological and cultural sites, beaches and sea of breathtaking beauty coexist, but the Sicily's delicacies alone are worth the trip.One of these is the chocolate of Modica. Leonardo Sciascia described it as follows: "of unreachable flavor, so that those who taste it seem to have arrived at the Archetype, the absolute, that the chocolate produced elsewhere - even if the most popular - is adulteration, corruption. An opinion shared and recognized internationally, so much so that, starting from May 2018, Modica chocolate can be awarded the PGI certification, Protected Geographical Indication promoted by the European Community. Modica chocolate is not a chocolate like the others, as it is still made on the basis of an ancient Aztec recipe. It is probably of Spanish derivation. Many sources attest, in fact, that the ancient recipe was introduced in Sicily, and in particular in the County of Modica (called "Il Regno nel Regno" for its large size), during the Spanish domination of the island in the sixteenth century. The first characteristic of Modica's chocolate is its much more granular texture than any other type of chocolate bar. This effect is obtained through a peculiar cold working process: cocoa beans are processed at temperatures not exceeding 40°C, together with raw or cane sugar and various types of spices, starting from cinnamon. The granularity of the chocolate bar is determined by the fact that, at these temperatures, the sugar crystals do not melt completely, thus giving this unique consistency to Modica chocolate. Despite the possibility of flavoring chocolate in many different ways, it is important to emphasize that the percentage of cocoa remains very high, usually between 65% and 99% for dark chocolate purists. It is traditionally flavoured with cinnamon or vanilla, but you can easily find chilli, carob, coffee, citrus or other flavors of chocolate.

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