Apicoltura Giulio Vitale

Giulio Vitale is the youngest beekeeper enrolled in the national register of queen bee breeders - Sicilian Apis mellifera section. His love for honey and for the Sicilian black bee was born when he was a child, supported by his father, who was also a beekeeper,and it was nourished over time with study and passion. Today more than ever Apis mellifera siciliana risk to be further and irreparably damaged by human activities. In particular Giulio Vitale is responsible for the protection and promotion of this bee, an autochthonous Sicilian subspecies that risks extinction. In Sicily from the '70s - '80 have been introduced and bred in Sicily, subspecies of bees different from the only native Sicilian honey bee. This is the fundamental node that can determine the 'extinction. Today, relying on marketing, curiosity, unconsciousness, are bought bees that come from many different areas of the world. To combat the risk of extinction of the Sicilian Apis mellifera was the first Professor Genduso of the Faculty of Palermo to start the long process of protection. Professor Genduso was assisted by several people and among them a student-apiculturist, Carlo Amodeo, who was able to carry on the work of safeguarding the Sicilian black bee even after Professor Genduso. It is scientifically demonstrated that bees are more resistant to diseases and adversities of nature if they are inserted in their natural territory, i.e. if they are autochthonous. It follows that continuing at this rate, man will make the bees more and more vulnerable. The protection of the black bee today continues and Giulio Vitale can be proud to contribute to this mission, being part of a group of beekeepers who cooperate synergistically to achieve the goal of reintroducing the Sicilian black bee in western Sicily. With other Sicilian beekeepers I breed bees for genetic purity mating on the island of Linosa and Lampedusa. As said, in fact, the mating takes place in flight and on the island of Linosa and Lampedusa the Sicilian Apis mellifera is present in genetic purity, as there are no other subspecies. The Sicilian black bee (as it is vulgarly called today the Sicilian Apis mellifera) is recognized to the beekeepers who manage fertilization stations in genetic purity and who comply with a production specification for honey of the highest quality, of which Giulio Vitale was among the beekeepers who have drawn up the prodaction specification.

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