An opportunity to innovate, re-modulate projects and objectives giving them a new and unexpected form. It can be used by as many people as possible, without incurring the risk of assembly. Because it is exclusively social and online.

It is the Sicily Gelato Summit, an event with an international scope, which is closely linked to Sherbeth's philosophy. It will take place entirely on air, following an idea of sustainability and promotion of the territory that has characterized Sherbeth since its conception.

A virtual meeting place, vibrant and open to all, which will see the major producers of Sicilian raw materials with the PDO, DOC, IGT, IGT and Slow Food brands involved in an innovative experience.


These will have the opportunity to meet prestigious national and international gelato masters and journalists from prestigious food magazines.

The Sherbeth festival thus becomes a bridge between cultures, creating an exciting dialogue between different languages and local areas, a dense community of experts and enthusiasts, local producers and international master gelato makers.

All united by a single denominator: ice cream, a vehicle for the promotion and enhancement of Sicilian cultural heritage.

The Sicily Gelato Summit will be divided into two formats: talk digital and be to be meetings between producer and master gelato maker. Sicilian products and Sicily itself will therefore become the protagonists of the artisan gelato shop with the aim of putting the production districts in direct contact with the producers. The talk digital will take place online and will feature Sicilian producers of excellence and master ice-cream makers.

The producer will provide on the product in question: specific indications about the territorial origin, the organoleptic and nutritional properties of the ingredients and will illustrate the relationship of the raw material with the territory in which it is made.

The journalist will ask questions about the product, the processing and other possible curiosities.

The master ice cream maker will ask questions about the product in order to understand its usability in the ice cream parlour, reflecting on the possible transformations of the raw materials that can emphasize the genuineness of the prepared product, without altering its identity.

Through the story of the excellence of the Made in Sicily products, he will actively contribute to their diffusion and marketing in the rest of Italy and the world, through the Sherbeth portal. There will be eight Sicilian products to which as many online appointments with experts in the sector, producers and ice-cream makers will be dedicated. In particular, we will talk about Modica Chocolate, Almond, Pistachio, Hazelnut, Citrus Honey and Pomegranate.

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