The editions

Sherbeth festival, which this year will come to its eighth edition,
was born in Sicily where are preserved the origins of gelato.

First edition

In October 2007, despite the hostile climate and the heavy rain, the event was reported, according to everyone, an outstanding success. In this edition of The Sherbeth Festival, the appetizing tastes made in Sicily (Sicilian cassata, pistachio, strawberry of Ribera, blacks mulberry trees) were absolute stars up and down ofthe colorful “paths of taste”. Guided tours, culinary workshops and the final seminar on the preparation of ”Italian Gelato”, held by award-winning master gelato maker and pastry chef Antonio Cappadonia, have enriched the Festival. The first edition of the Festival ended Sunday, October 21, 2007, with the certainty of having to still take many steps to encourage a proper promotion of the historical-cultural and gastronomic heritage of Sicily in the world.

Second edition

Between 18 and 21 September 2008, the second edition of Festival Sherbeth have spoken newspapers specific industry sector (Il Gelatiere Italiano, Cronache di Gusto, Pasticceria Internazionale, La Madia Travel Food, Gambero Rosso), but also general newspapers (Repubblica, Sicilia e Tempo, il Giornale di Sicilia, Sicania, La Gazzetta del Sud, La Sicilia) and exclusive tv news (Rai Uno, Uno Mattina; Rai Due, Eat-Parade; TG3; TG4; TG5). Many events that have accompanied the freshness of taste: round tables devoted to the health effects of gelato and gelato in Sicily; “Laboratories of taste” (“Territory, raw materials and modern science: nitrogen gelato”, dedicated to the spectacular gelato making liquid nitrogen, charming gem of molecular cuisine by the Sanelli Gelateria; “The wonders of gelato: Sicilian almonds, but watch the intruder!”, curated by Antonio Cappadoniaha shown the techniques to recognize the ‘authentic Sicilian gelato with almonds, very good in terms of taste and organoleptic properties;” discovering the real gelato to the authors’ chocolate’, to by Slow Food in collaboration with the gelato parlour Cappello in Palermo, it was entirely dedicated to the signature chocolate gelato); entertainment shows including soul music, comedy and animation.

Third edition

In the 5-day event, 30 master gelato makers from Sicily, Calabria, Emilia Romagna, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Piemonte, Sardinia, Japan, Israel, Morocco, Libya, Spain and Albania did enjoy fine tastes and flavors of the most unusual, between we remember with pleasure the nougat Spanish, the Sardinian pardula and the lemon sorbet and basil. In this new festival we were opened the doors to the Mediterranean, of which Sicily is the carrefour for a type of meeting of different cultures. The third edition also presented a technical approach dedicated to health, employment and innovation, analyzed with panel discussions, debates and workshops of the Slow Food taste Palermo; in particular, the 2009 edition made by international showcase cooled to gelato with the ‘liquid nitrogen; Finally, a prize was awarded to three lucky visitors who in the “Rewards the taste and share”.

Fourth edition

From 16 to 19 September 2010, the present, they emptied the counters to discover new tastes and traditions. 31 flavors enlivened the palates of visitors of the fourth edition; among the most popular: the lemon “Al solito Posto”, the chocolate of the “Duomo”, IGP hazelnut “Soban”, the mulberry trees of the “Friend’s Bar”, the kiss of “il gelato di Maestro Cianuri”, the cedar of ‘Antica Gelateria Granata “and pistachio of “de’ coltelli “of Pisa. Every day was presented a conference with gelato tasting paired with the theme: “Divingelato”, a wine pairing and gelato with industry experts; “Traveling with taste” the theoretical journey illustrated by the Masters Alfio Tarateta e Antonio Cappadonia; “gelateria c’era una volta”, live processing techniques presented by experienced gelato makers from Zoldo that, with antique hand machinery, prepared the traditional gelato with snow; the International Competition of the Mediterranean Gelato “Procopio de Coltelli”.

Fifth edition

From 15 to 18 September 2011, the fifth edition, 35 gelato makers from around the world presented tastes better that would reflect their territory. For four days the Gelato Village has welcomed a careful and varied audience, in search of quality and craftsmanship of the product. Inside the gastronomic workshops, using quality raw materials and in a traditional way, everything has been produced under the eye of technical director of the Festival, the Master gelato maker Antonio Cappadonia. Tastings, conventions and tourism have lived together in perfect harmony in this edition, in which we tried to trace the history and characteristics of the gelato in all its aspects. He ended the event of 2011, the III edition of International Competition “Procopio de’ Coltelli”. An exceptional jury, judged accurately participants certamen dedicated to Francesco Procopio Cutò, master gelato maker from Palermo, which opened in France the “Cafe Le Procope”.

Sixth edition

From August 31 to September 2, a first taste of fresh innovations: Sherbeth Talent Show 2012, the event designed to select the younger population gelato masters who, along with the most experienced, open, with their experience and inventive, the horizons of our palate and refresh with our original hot sunny days during the course of Festival. From September 6 to 9, the best selection of national and international masters of gelato, was in Cefalu for the sixth edition. The fresh, sweet and charming atmosphere of the Gelato Village has been surrounded with special tastings, workshops gastromiche exciting, interesting greedy moments (meetings and debates in which the greatest experts of the sector illustrerano the origins gelato and its preparation techniques), enchanting cultural, fun and lively musical performances and street art.

Seventh edition

A new location accommodates the seventh edition of the International Festival of Artisan Gelato. From 17 to 20 September 2015, the festival has as its background the historic center of Palermo, which hosts more than 30 gelato makers from all over the world.
From Piazza Verdi to the Quattro Canti, creams and granite have delighted the palates of fans and tourists who got to know the secrets of ice cream through culinary workshops, greedy moments and private moments in the history of gelato and live a relaxing afternoon among craft exhibitions, concerts, shows, tours culturalli and play areas for children.
For the occasion, Carpigiani has set up a laboratory to open in the city center where every day the sky was prepared gelato with quality raw materials from Sicily. At the end the festival was held the fifth edition of the “Procopio de’ Coltelli ” in which the gelato were evaluated by big names in the industry.