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Nowadays Sherbeth Festival is one of the most expected of the international scenein which gelato is the absolute protagonist of a fascinating meeting among food, cultures and tourism. During the IX edition, from 28th September to 1st October in Palermo, Gelato Masters from Sicily, Italy and all over the world will show the audience the secrets of an ancient blend of flavors and cultures.

Because of the originality and the contextualization, Sherbeth and its gelato village has deserved a space in the first pages of the newspaper and magazines, on the online press, blog and social network, capturing both the tourists and gelato lovers attention worldwide.

Being a part of Sherbeth means having an excellent level of visibility in an international and multicultural framework. Before, during and after the event your image will be spread to 360 degrees through our channel to reach a diversified audience thanks to our audio- visual means of communication, institutional communication and display areas in the gelato village.

Advertising on small posters

cm 100 x 140 on regional circuit, inserting your Logo.

Advertising on large poster

mt 6 x 3 on regional circuit, inserting your Logo.

Advertising on banner

banner on homepage for 6 sec. in loop, link on Sponsor page to your website.

Advertising on totem

cm 75 x 250, in Palermo and “Gelato Village”, inserting your Logo.

Advertising on corner

cm 222 x 275 x 135, throughout the event inserting your Logo.

Advertising on desk

with leaflets Sherbeth Festival.

Advertising on leaflets and other

throughout the event, with hostess in “Gelato Village”.