Procopio Contest

What is the Procopio Contest

The International Mediterranean Gelato contest “Procopio de’ Coltelli”, closes the four days of celebration.  It is the sixth edition of the prize, dedicated to Francesco Procopio Cutò, a french gelato master, but of roots in Palermo who in his Cafè Le Procope in Paris showed his anise flowers and cinnamon delicacies exporting for the first time the Sicilian traditional gelato all over the world.

Important professional judged the gelatos during the competition on the base of the taste, texture, appearance and presentation, originality and creativity. This year, as per regulation, the jury will be presided by the winner of the previous edition: Salvatore Cappello, homonymous pastry in Palermo who during the fifth edition gained the first place in the competition with his gelato flavor chocolate Madagascar cru.

The five editions of the Procopio Contest

Procopio Contest, edition 2009

Winner: Santo Musumeci

Santo Musumeci

The winner of Procopio De Coltelli Contest 2009, silver medal in 2012 and twice winner of the popular jury during Sherbeth 2011 and 2012. Santo Musumeci, award-winning gelato master at the international gelato fair Sigep in Rimini during the contest “One thousand ideas for a new gelato”. In 2004 won the first prize with his gelato flavor “Green gold of Sicily (Pistachio gelato with Mandarin Pasta and crunchy toasted pistachio and caramel) and in 2005 the second position thanks to Nut Gelato with crunchy hazelnuts, Fresh and dried Figs. In 2007 at the top once again with “Afrociock” (Chocolate gelato with orange and toasted pine nuts). In 2008 he got the forth position with “Maperò” (Almond Gelato with toasted almond and pear) and in 2009 he took part to Sherbeth Festival in Cefalù and won the prize Procopio de’ Coltelli with the flavor “The Flavors of my land” (Modica chocolate and oranges). In 2010 he went again to the international gelato fair Sigep in Rimini for the contest “One thousand ideas for a new gelato” and ranked a  second position with the flavor “fragolissimevolmente” ( a superb mix of strawberries and mint).

Procopio Contest, edition 2010

Winners: Granata brothers

fratelli Granata

Alessandro, Giuseppe and Vincenzo are three brothers who have managed The Ancient Granatas Poultry since the 90s . Thanks to the ancient recipes of two middle aged gelato makers, now retired, they delight the palate both of the inhabitants of Nicosia and tourists with the traditional handmade gelatos. Because of the simplicity of the Cedar Gelato, not easy to make, that they won the second edition of the International Contest “Procopio de Coltelli” at Sherbeth Festival in 2010.

Procopio Contest, edition 2011

Winner: Claudio David Guerreiro

Claudio David Guerreiro

The Portuguese Claudio David Guerreiro owner of the “Delizia poultry” is the winner of the third edition of the contest Mediterranean Gelato ““Procopio de’ Coltelli” with the flavor  Dried Fig.

Procopio Contest, edition 2012

Winner: Raffaele Del Verme

Raffele Del Verme

Raffaele Del Verme lives in Torchiara (SA) where he manages the Di Matteo’s Poultry. In 2012 he won the fourth edition of the Procopio’s contest with the flavor Figs with chocolate, inspired by an old recipe from cilento of figs filled with almonds and lemon peel and dipped in chocolate. He is the last heir of Del Verme family that boasts artisans of  taste since the 30s, when his grandfather produced the gelato, later followed by his father.

Procopio Contest, edition 2015

Winner: Salvatore Cappello

Salvatore Cappello

He directs the Cappello’s Poultry in Palermo and won this edition of the contest Procopio de’ Coltelli with the flavor Madagascar chocolate. He is known both in Palermo and in Italy as one of the most important chocolatier Master and pastry Chef, particularly for the processing of the chocolate. He is called on TV shows and important courses to share his experience. Today he is joined by his son Giovanni who has just won international contests and continues the tradition of sweets with inspiration and professionalism.He ranked a second place at the Procopio’s contest because of Andrea Soban of the Soban’s Poultry in Piemonte who presented the flavor “Limone D’Amare”. The third position belonged to Simone De Feo of Cremeria Capolinea in Reggio Emilia-Emilia Romagna with the flavor “Mediterranean Fantasy”.